Sun Baths is an experiment for the future in the form of a building. Like any good experiment, we don’t know what the results will be so we are testing it out. As of this writing, Sun Baths is a piece of land and the merged ideas of a whole team of engineers, architects, and community activists.

On the surface, Sun Baths is a community bath space. The building will have a mixture of common bath and sauna areas and smaller private bath spaces. We chose to create a bath space for the following reasons:

  • People of all backgrounds are drawn to water, be it a leisurely warm water soak on a frigid winter day or a cool dip in a clear stream on a hot summer day.
  • In thousands of years of human culture, baths have acted as a site of community integration.
  • People are happier, healthier, more productive, and more creative when they are relaxed.
  • As our technology improves it also tends to make us more distracted and scattered. However, the watery surroundings of a bath make us break from the digital world and can more fully connect with the people around us.

Looking deeper, Sun Baths is also a lifeboat of sorts. We are designing Sun Baths to be powered entirely by the sun using solar cells. The water that falls on the building is harvested to provide water for some of the building’s needs. Many of the materials used in the building were originally from the previous buildings built on the site, and are assembled in such a way that the next building to come can again reuse these materials. Even the plants around the building were selected to provide food, for the people, insects, birds, and animals in the community.

As a business, Sun Baths is pioneering a new kind of service. Breaking with the current trend in spas, we are focused on providing a truly restorative experience for the patrons, employees, the environment, and the community at large.

As part of this Sun Baths experiment, we are gathering data, compiling the results, and sharing the results of our studies. These data will range from patron and employee measurements of mental and physical restoration to environmental reporting such as energy and water usage.

Our goal in performing this experiment is to help humanity to invent new ways to heal ourselves, connect with each other, and improve our environment in a sustainable way.

We believe that it is possible for all people to experience ease, plenty, and restoration while actually improving the environment around us. By way of illustration, imagine an old oak tree. The tree cleans the air, captures and slows water, and provides plentiful food and shelter for hundreds of species. We believe that Sun Baths can be like this oak tree, but in building form.

However, making Sun Baths work will rely on your participation. You are a vital part of the ecosystem that Sun Baths lives in. Ultimately, your participation will sculpt its branches and direct its roots making it what it will be. Thus if you have any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts, please let us know!